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ListAppy 2.0 Task List Management for Mac OS X Lion

Posted July 28th, 2011 by admin and filed in ListAppy, Software





We have completed testing ListAppy for Mac OS Lion and are pleased with the performance of our app on the   world’s most advanced operating system.

If you don’t have Java installed, the OS prompts to install Java and proceed using ListAppy. Enjoy ListAppy 2.0 task management simplified on Lion. 


My ET (Emails and Tasks) World

Posted July 24th, 2011 by admin and filed in Business, ListAppy

(July 24, 2011)

Several of us live in the email world. We have Jobs involving new tasks that springs to life from emails we receive. We send emails to get tasks completed and more emails to let everyone know when they are complete.

The email work flow and task management work flow are tightly coupled in many more ways than we ever pause to think about. We create tasks as soon as we identify something needs our attention. Where do we create these tasks and manage them?

According to Campaign Monitor, that has tracked over billions of emails sent from 2009 till June 2011, the most popular email client is Outlook (28%) followed by iOS devices (16%). Having been an Outlook user since I started in the workforce a dozen years ago, I am not surprised at this statistic.  Several of us live, play and achieve greatness in Outlook. We create new tasks, delegate tasks, and accomplish projects in Outlook.

Recognizing this fact combined with the popularity of iOS devices, Samura Solution task list and todo (to-do) list management applications seek to integrate tightly with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 in upcoming releases of our software. We will provide our customers an easy way to synchronize Outlook tasks with DeskListAppy – our desktop task list management solution. We already support synchronizing tasks and lists from Mac and Windows platforms to iOS. With this integration customers can create tasks in Outlook and synchronize with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices through our desktop Outlook integration.

In today’s connected world, wherever you are, you are checking emails. We want to make sure you do not forget that important task todo – the important phone call, the important appointment. We provide you the option to receive email reminders in DesklistAppy 2.0. As long as you leave the application running, and your computer is connected to the Internet, we will remind you over email.

Finally, what good is it to keep your tasks and accomplishments to yourself. To make it easy to delegate, provide status, or just simply share tasks, we are providing you an option to email your tasks, todo items, and task lists to your teammates from our desktop application.

We hope these tighter integration of our task management solution into your email work-flow will help manage and share your tasks easily, taking your productivity to the next level. It is worth having those extra minutes everyday to spend with your loved ones!

ListAppy 2.0 for Mac and Windows Released!

Posted July 24th, 2011 by admin and filed in Business, ListAppy, Software

(July 24,  2011)

We are extremely excited to announce ListAppy 2.0. Here is a brief summary of all the features we have made available in this release. As always, the upgrade is free for our existing customers. Please look for our email to download the new version for free, if you can’t wait send us an email and we will prioritize you.

What’s new in ListAppy 2.0 for desktop

* Outlook Sync of tasks and lists, exclusively for ListAppy for Windows customers

* New Settings option to setup your preferences to show or hide completed tasks, turn on/off iPhone sync etc.

* Share  tasks and lists easily with  teammates and collaborators, easy HTML formatted email option

* Turn on email remainders in addition to desktop alerts

* Sort by Title, Priority, Due Date ..

* Send us diagnostic logs to help troubleshoot your issues

* Seamless editing of tasks and lists – No edit/done toggling as before

and many more interesting usability enhancement that you will love. Looking forward to hear your feedback on out latest release.



Version 2.0 of DeskListAppy Coming Soon!!!

Posted June 21st, 2011 by admin and filed in ListAppy, Software

(Jun 20, 2011)

We are close to releasing a major upgrade version of DeskListAppy. Our Windows users will be thrilled to learn that we will provide Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 Sync from DeskListAppy. Given we already sync your tasks from iPhone to DeskListAppy, this new update wil lallow you to setup Sync from iPhone ListAppy to Outlook!!

Repeating tasks will also sync with Outlook provided you follow certain simple rules.

We also adding several new features such as Sorting your tasks and lists, simplified Sync to iPhone, etc. Watch this space for a new release soon. It will be given out to our existing DeskListAppy users with no-charge. If you are a current customer and would like to get on the Beta list for this new version, please send us an email support@samurasolutions.com

With hierarchical lists, repeating tasks, cross-platform support, reminder, print, searching, sorting, … We are the best device independent  simple task list management solution out there.

Looking forward to delivering this major upgrade around July 4!!   Enjoy the Fireworks !


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ListAppy 2.1 Released

Posted June 5th, 2011 by admin and filed in ListAppy, Software

(June 2011)

We have waited and watched how our customers are using ListAppy. Our aproach will always be to keep ListAppy simple yet powerful. This release provides usability enhancements addressing customer reports.

  • Easy access to setting up recurrence and reminder
  • Simplified setup of Sync Desktop
  • Black Color theme

Setting up recurrence and reminder

Provides you easy access to setup recurrence and reminder for your lists and tasks. Earlier you had to first setup a due date for a task before even seeing the option to setup recurrence and setup time before you can see the reminder option. Starting this release you can always setup recurrence and if you setup a reminder but do not specify time, the default time is 9 AM.

Simplified setup of Sync Desktop

Provides ability to specify the address (IP) of your desktop ListAppy manually in addition to choosing from an automatic network search.



Some of our customers reported difficulty in locating the desktop sync server DeskListAppy. We use a form of broadcasting to advertise the DeskListAppy service over your local wireless network. Your iPhone or iPod touch device looks for these advertisements when you try to Locate   Desktop ListAppy from ListAppy Settings screen. Some network routers, especially in work places, have security rules setup to block broadcasts. To address such scenarios where the iPhone is unable to receive the broadcast advertisement, we are providing a way to enter the Dekstop IP address explicitly.



We have added quick detection capability to inform you within a few seconds if the desktop ListAppy sync service is not available on your network. The synchronization itself is smart – will detect changes made on either iOS device or desktop and only synchronize as needed.