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DeskListAppy Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted May 29th, 2010 by admin
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Creating Items

Control-L Create new list
Control-I Create new task item


T Toggles between due date today and none
C Toggles between marking item complete and incomplete

Delete Deletes the current selection in the Navigation Tree or List


Control-S Saves current edited


Tab Move focus to the next field or control when editing an item

Right arrow Focus navigates to the List Contents when in Lists Tree and to Item Details in editing mode,  when in List contents
Left arrow Focus Navigates to Lists Tree when in List contents

Up arrow Select the List or Item immediately below the current Selection
Shift-Left arrow Navigates back in viewed List contents
Shift-Right arrow Navigates forward in viewed List contents
Shift-Up arrow Navigates to Parent List contents

Please note that the shortcuts are described for US keyboards.