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ListAppy 2.0 Released

Posted September 8th, 2010 by admin and filed in ListAppy, Software
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(Sep 8, 2010)

Listening to user feedback, we have made significant improvements to both functionality and interface in the latest version of ListAppy.

Given the support for nested lists, when looking at tasks and lists from calendar or search view it was getting difficult to understand the context. This release addresses this by listing the parent hierarchy along with the title of the task or list.

In the same vein, ListAppy 2.0 also provides a way to hide completed items in addition to deleting or moving them to the end of the list. More importantly, this option is configurable for individual lists. For instance, you may want to tail your grocery items list, you may choose to delete or hide recurring items in a work list. Hide offers the ability to archive completed tasks easily. We have also added a double badge to indicate  a count of todo tasks and lists separately.

Another useful feature is ability to detect links in notes. Notes of  task or todo item can now hold a phone number or URL or email id that can be clicked on to take the appropriate action right from the app.

Besides useful functionality, we have also added exciting color themes to complement the plain background colors.

Note that some of our iOS 4 customers let us know they were experiencing a crash when selecting lists with recurring items, this problem was quickly identified and is fixed in this release.

Overall, we have listened to our customers and delivered on the promise of excellent customer service with this release. We look forward to adding more useful and relevant features to ListAppy to make it the best task management application at your desk or on the go! We are eager for your verdict on this release., stop by our support forum and let us know.

iPhone App ListAppy 1.2 Released Today

Posted July 14th, 2010 by admin and filed in ListAppy, Software

(July 14, 2010)

We are super excited about this release.In a sense this release completes the basic functionality you will expect out of a Task List Management App – Task Alerts.

Prior to iOS 4, Apple had made it difficult to support alerts. Thanks to the multitasking support and local notifications features, we no longer need to send your tasks to a remote web service which in turn will ask Apple servers to send you an alert notification. Now your phone running iOS 4 can handle notifications locally all by itself.

Task Alert Tdo Reminder

If your phone is multitasking capable, ListAppy will ease into background when closed and you can fast switch back to the App by just tapping on ListAppy instead of launching fresh every time. This is the equivalent of minimizing a window and returning to the the window in desktop computers.

With recurrence and reminders out of the way, we are eager to bring you additional functionally useful features. Have your say at our support page.

iPhone App ListAppy 1.1 Released Today

Posted June 1st, 2010 by admin and filed in ListAppy, Software

(June 1, 2010)

Following the release of desktop version, Samura Solutions is pleased to announce the release of ListAppy 1.1 for iPhone. ListAppy 1.1 supports repeating tasks and lists and also ability to duplicate a list easily. Given how hard it is to type on the iPhone, the duplication feature will come in handy when you want to create new lists from templates.

To give you an example, if you want  to create checklist for handling every customer request, just create a template and use this to create copies whenever a new customer request comes in. Not everyone will need this feature but it’s there if you need it.

Repeating tasks on both the iPhone App and the desktop app was an interesting challenge. Especially to make sure when you Sync there are no duplicates created. If you have tasks or even entire lists that you repeat, set up recurring task or list on either the iPhone App or the Desktop App and keep them in Sync.

We are continuously working on new features and improvements and your input is key to providing the best task management application on desktop and iPhone platforms.

DeskListAppy 1.1 Released – Rich in Features!

Posted May 31st, 2010 by admin and filed in ListAppy, Software

(May 31, 2010)

We are excited to bring you a major upgrade to DeskListAppy. The companion iPhone and iPod Touch ListAppy 1.1 is still under review at Apple but we didn’t want to wait to bring you this fun and exciting new release.

This release provides all the basic functionality you will expect out of a Task List management application and some more. One of the limitations of web based task list management applications and even several desktop applications is the lack of a Pop-up reminder for your tasks. I discussed this in a previous blog. This release addresses that with alerts, and yeah they can be turned off/on.  You can setup recurring tasks and lists, reminders to alert you of upcoming items.

desktop alert

To make navigating the hierarchical nested lists easy, this version brings you browser like left, right navigation to view the previously viewed lists and get back to where you were. Also navigation button to view the parent of the current list is useful to check the properties of the current list. To make it really simple to create new items and lists from anywhere in the application CTRL+L, CTRL+I or CTRL+T keyboard shortcuts do the job. A number of other useful keyboard shortcuts are available in this release.

Finally, the coolest feature in this release is the ability to drag and drop tasks and lists to move them. Dragging and dropping items on scheduled lists such as Today, Upcoming and Overdue also have their special intuitive behavior. We have tried to bring you not only a cross-platform solution but also a Multilingual one. We appreciate any help to improve localizations and add support for new languages.

We want to thank our version 1.0, early adopter users for all their feedback, praise and suggestions. We work for our customers and our product development is driven by your input. So do visit our support forums and engage with us. If you are a current DeskListAppy user, you should receive your free upgrade code in a day or so!

Tech Note – TableViews and Core Data

Posted May 22nd, 2010 by admin and filed in Software

There are occasions when you want to share what you know with the world… no I mean like stand on top of the building and yell out, I found it!!!!

It took me quite a bit of googling and some dedicated StackOverflow searches to understand and figure out how to really handled NSFetchedResultsController in iPhone OS. There are just two things to be ware of when using the Table Views with Core Data as in NSFetchedResultsController that are not so obvious.

1. iPhone OS3.0 needs special handling when it comes to the number of rows in section and number of sections in table view. Given the NDA and all, it is just suffice to ask you to read the Special Note in Apple’s Documentation for NSFecthedResults Controller. This is easy to overlook. This workaround is needed ONLY when you are using a non nil SectionNameKeyPath, i.e. your table will have sections.

2. Another thing if you have sections in your table is the controller:didChangeSection:atIndex:forChangeType Again easy to overlook but if your console logs are telling you that the number of sections before and after update are not matching or such erros then most likely reason is this is not handled right.

Do you have more insights, do share.