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DeskListAppy is a simple task and project list management application for MAC and PC. Powerful split view in a single window gives you quick access to any list and allows instant viewing of task details. iPhone users can use wireless synchronization to keep their lists in synch. Track everything on your desktop or on the go and keep it all in synch.





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scheduled_imgAll the tasks and lists scheduled for today, overdue or coming due in the next few days can be easily accessed. A badge displays the number of entries to give you a quick overview.






Lists within Lists within Lists! No problem, all lists you create are easily accessible using the lists tree on the left side. Navigate the task list hierarchy by expanding the list and sel ect the sub-list to view items in the list in the center. The number of tasks in each list is shown in the badge.

List Details

The details for the selected list including tasks, todo items and other task lists along with their due date and priority, if any, can be viewed in the center area. Clicking on an task or list displays more details on the right area while double-clicking on a list will automatically navigate down into the list. To get back use the tree navigation to the left or the simple navigation control on the top.


Adding and Deleting

It is easy to add and delete lists or tasks to your selected list. When adding, you may choose to add a new task item, regular list or a simple checklist.


Drag & Drop

You can always move the tasks around using elegant drag and drop functionality. Drag tasks and lists on any existing list. Dropping on a scheduled list automatically sets due date!


Power Navigation and Keyboard Shortcuts



 Browser like back and  forward navigation help keep track of lists you view. The up navigation can be used to quickly navigate to the parent of currently viewed list.

Navigate up and down lists using the up and down arrow keys. Navigating from left area to center area to right area in the window is easily accomplished with left and right arrow keys.

The browser navigation can also be achieved using keyboard shortcuts, shift up, shift right and shift up. You can mark tasks complete, set due date to today and do a lot more just using keyboard short cuts. For a complete list of useful keyboard shortcuts click here.

Item Details

Tasks and list details can be viewed easily by selecting the appropriate item in the center area. The task details screen (left below)  allows you to enter notes, set priority and select a due date using a full calendar view, recurrence and reminders. Whereas the list details screen (on the right below) allows you to also configure the aspects of tasks this list will contain.


Recurrence and Reminders


It is easy to set recurrence and reminders in addition to due date. Reminder alerts can be set to alert you at due time or even 3 days in advance. You can setup to receive email alerts in addition to desktop alerts. 


Desktop Task Alert


Alerts can be turned on or off using controls provided in the settings screen. To see Alerts on your desktop, make sure to leave show desktop reminders ON.




The search bar gives you live results as you type. Search task items, lists, and notes and see your results live in search results.

Lists on the Go


You may print, email or Sync with iOS devicessuch as your iPhone, IPad or iPod touch (need ListAppy for iOS) to take your lists to go.



General Settings


Email  Settings



Send your lists and tasks by Email -  Share Tasks


Contact Us directly from Desktop App

Enhanced support feature helps you and us to figure out what went wrong. Simply check  attach diagnostic logs and hit send.




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