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ListAppy is a powerful list management application to keep things organized. Make a list for anything and everything - Task lists, Project checklists, To-do lists, Shopping lists, Inventory lists, Grocery list, Secret gift lists, and more. No other application gives you the flexibility to create any kind of list without confusing contexts, tags and other clumsy “features”! The companion desktop application with extremely simple Wi-Fi Synch makes ListAppy the complete solution!




Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese,Spanish.

iPhone Task Management app features


Instant access to all your lists from the first screen. Badges show the number of sub-lists and tasks within the list.






Take Control

View what’s coming up in the next few days and stay ahead








Big Picture

Calendar is extremely useful in quickly looking up items scheduled by date. Tapping the date displays all itetms scheduled for that day. Tap on Today in the top to find your way back immediately.






When is that due?

Search can be used to locate items by name or content of notes. The results are displayed live along with due date, priority and some notes.

Tap on any item to view and edit details just like in any other list.





Sorted View

It's easy to sort any list using sort icon.

ListAppy remembers your sort preference for each list.





Capture the Tasks


  • Add a new Item, List, Simple Check List or Secret List to any list using Add icon on the upper right. Enter the task name, you have three choices on the upper right.

  • Repeat will add the current task and continue to add another one.
  • Lightning will add your task and get back to where you were.
  • To add more details to task you are creating, use More to automatically navigate into and add more details.
  • What’s in my List?

    Tapping a list presents the list contents. Sub lists are marked with a list image to the left of the List name.

    Info in upper right will let you add details and customize this list.





    Customized Lists

    Any List can be protected with a secret code by making it a Secret List. You can set a priority and due date for the entire list and/or for individual tasks within the list. Properties for tasks with in lists can be configured. A simple checklist will by default have no notes, date or priority.





    Getting Tasks Done


    Tap the empty square to the left of an item to mark it done. The completed tasks move to the end of the list. To delete a task, complete or incomplete, simply swipe your fingers across and tap Delete.




    Notes and More

    Tapping on any task shows the details of a task or item.


    Email icon in the toolbar can be used to email an entire list or specific task to yourself or even better to someone else.




    Application Settings


    Manage your secret code and choose a color. Locate and choose the desktop ListAppy running on your MAC or Windows and synch your tasks. Learn more about Desktop Synch and see for yourself how easy it is.





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