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Synch between iPhone and MAC or Windows PC

Setting up Wi-Fi synchronization between iPhone and MAC or Windows is a simple two-step process.

1. From your iPhone locate and identify the MAC or PC to synch with.

2. Initiate Synch from your iPhone. Grant access to your iPhone on your PC or Mac upon request.



Step 1: Locate and identify your MAC or Windows PC on your iPhone

You should see the status message in the bottom of your DeskListAppy – Synch service advertising.. following computer name and IP. This indicates that DeskListAppy is ready to synchronize with iPhone or Touch device.

If Sync service is stopped, start it by clicking on start synch in the top left of your DeskListAppy window. You may have to Allow ListAppy to accept incoming network connections if prompted. This will allow iPhone to connect with your computer.




Make sure you have Wi-Fi up on your device. Go into ListAppy settings on your device and switch Locate Desktop ListAppy to ON.



If you are on the same Wi-Fi network and if you have turned on Wi-Fi, you will see your MAC or PC machine name, remember DeskListAppy displays machine name in the bottom. Make sure you select the right machine and tap Done.

Step 2: Synch Away

Now you are ready to synch your lists and tasks from your iPhone to your computer. To start the synch, simply tap on synch in the bottom of screen.


The first time you are setting up synch from an iPhone or touch device, DeskListAppy will request your permission.



Once you say yes, the synchronization will be completed and you will have identical set of lists and tasks on your computer and the phone.

The first time could take a while depending on the number of items to synch, you will see a status bar at the bottom of iPhone screen.



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